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REE-Magnesium Inc.

Innovative Refining Technology

REE-Magnesium Inc. is a privately held U.S. based corporation engaged in mining, refining and production of metallic magnesium, magnesium powder, nano-powder, magnesium alloys and other valuable minerals such as Rare Earth Elements present in its Serpentinite ore body. MI’s innovative refining technology, licensed by CVMR® Inc. (CVMR®), is environmentally neutral and less expensive than other methods currently in use for refining of magnesium. It can produce highly pure magnesium to be used in various industries including the pharmaceutical industry.

Magnesium is up to 50 percent lighter than aluminum — that means using magnesium alloys could offset the fuel costs associated with flight and help reduce carbon emissions.

CVMR® uses its proprietary technologies and refining processes based on vapour metallurgy. CVMR®’s name and trademark, is an acronym derived from its principal refining process, “chemical vapour metal refining.” All CVMR® refining processes are environmentally neutral without an impact on the air, water or soil. CVMR® is a designated NATO supplier.

REE-Magnesium Inc. owns one of the largest North American magnesium mines. According to an agreement reached on May 3, 2019 its beneficiation and refining plants will be built by CVMR®, using a proprietary process and refining technology. The plant will be built in a modular structure that can be expanded to produce a variety of magnesium-based products for the US market.


The REE-Magnesium Inc. magnesium mine has “proven reserves” of over 22 million tons of magnesium oxide with an average grade of 37%. This is sufficient to curtail substantial imports of magnesium into the United States from China. The mine also has substantial proven reserves of Rare Earth Elements (REE).

The US economy is growing faster than anyone had expected. Consequently, self-sufficiency in raw materials has become of great importance. Magnesium is a crucial element used in various industrial products, medicine and food supplements. REE-Magnesium Inc. is taking advantage of this vast, highly diversified and ever-expanding market in the United States by initiating the mining and refining of its magnesium resource.

Magnesium Is The Future

Magnesium Is The Future


At REE-Magnesium  Inc., our main mission is to refine rare earth elements, Magnesium and other strategic metals using our proprietary processes and technologies. All our technologies used in refining these metals are environmentally neutral and cost effective.



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